What are the qualification required for the admission?
As per Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, the minimum qualification required for admission into Zorig Chusum is BSCE Class X and above. But incase if the classes remain vacant we do also accept class IX and VIII, provided that they fulfill the marks required.

What are the procedures to get Admission in the Institute?
You can download the registration form from Library-Download, and submit to the Institute with required documents attached or collect the admission form from Administration.

What Job prospective do they have after passing out from the Institute?

Either they will be employed into government works or on contract. But most prefer to work themselves and earn.

How do I choose the right course?

The right course depends on your own interest. First choose the course which will be interesting to learn for you rather than choosing the course out of no option. Next, plan which course will be beneficial for you and for how many years you are willing to take the course. For details about the course and the structure, please visit the Course section.

What are the benefits during my stay in the Institute?

During your stay in the Institute, you will be provided with a stipend of Nu.1500/0, accommodation with boarding facilities. Visit the Facilities page.

The course will depend on which you choose. A certificate course of 2 years and a diploma of 6 years.

In case if we have to drop out of Institute, what procedures should I follow?

If you are leaving the Institute in between your courses due to illness or medical circumstances, we will allow you a chance to continue your course after treatment.

Incase if your want to leave the institute without any reason, you are liable to refund all the stipend and benefits to the Institute before you drop out.