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Health Sensitization Program

Today Health personnel from our nearest Hospital took out some free time from their busy schedule and came to create awareness on Teenage pregnancy, Alcohol & drug abuse and their support and counselling department. They also did demonstration on how to use condom. Trainee demonstrating the use of condom.

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Driglam Namzha Session

Driglam namzha is often described as Bhutan’s code of etiquette. Drig (སྒྲིག་) denotes order, norm and conformity. Thus, driglam literally means the way (ལམ་) of having order and conformity while namzha (རྣམ་བཞག་) refers to a concept or system. Driglam namzha is thus a system of orderly and cultured behaviour, and by extension, the standards and […]

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To be the centre of Excellence for Zorig Chusum(Thirteen Arts and Crafts) in the kingdom.


Provide quality training in traditional arts and crafts through a structured CBT delivery system.

Since 1997

Trashiyangtse Institute of Zorig Chusum (TIZC) was established in 2nd June 1997 in eastern bhutan, under the then National Technical Training Authority (NTTA). It is located 2kms away from town and just above the general hospital.The institute was stablished mainly with the objective to promote and preserve the thirteen traditional arts and crafts skills of Bhutan and to facilitate increased access in learning zorig skills by bhutanese youths..

I would like to take a minute to commend you on checking out one of the many ways that one can become involved on our campus. Get Skilled Be Somebody .

Kinley Penjor, Principal


College of Rigney

Rigney college has 12 students enrolled as of now(6 Girls and 6 boys).


Rigney college 3 Teaching staffs


BA language and literature general