Sculpture (Jimzo)

Sculpture (Jimzo)

This art is one of the oldest (ancient) crafts in Bhutan and they are mainly engaged in making clay statues, clay mask, and other religious items. The main success in the work on clay is the composition of clay and other balanced materials, like paper, or beaten bark of the Dafni plant and skills in shaping and designing the wet clay. Where mixing and beating of clay is done by hand after then the artist places the mixed clay on a bamboo or light wood framework and then shapes the image to required shape and size. The most images made are usually god and Goddesses which you will find in every houses hold, Monasteries, Temples and Dzongs. The most precious and blessed clay statues made by Trulku Dzing  during the time of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal are still found in many Dzongs and monasteries.The other clay work found in Bhutan is the art of “Pottery”  which is normally associated with women; the products which they usually makes are the daily utensils have a simple shapes but women often did Clay Sculptor. These earthenware’s are still produced using the same ancient techniques, and regardless of time or place, basic pottery techniques have varied very little. Earthenware’s are basically made of clay, often blended clay and baked hard. The baked items were then coated with lac to render them waterproof. In Bhutan, this tradition is almost dying but one can still come across some artisans around. However, the Institute for zorig Chusum is taking initiative to revive this beautiful dying art.

In line the Institute provides 6 years course in making different types of clay statues, portraits and also carving images and other patter on the concrete beams & pillars, and other parts of the buildings.

Trade Details:
This course is designed to prepare school leavers for work in the highly demanding field of sculpture works. The course provide competencies to enable trainees to develop, maintain and design. Program contains a detailed module given below.

  • Course Duration:6 Years Diploma
  • Entry Level: Class X Passed both male & female.
  • Recognition:Government of Bhutan, General public and Private sectors.
  • Career: In Privates, Entrepreneur, Self Employment, Government Institutions.
  • Award: Diploma Certificate


Cost for the Course : Initial Fee of Nu. 750/- ( which includes token fee) and the trainees are paid a monthly stipend of Nu. 1500/- to 1800/month.