Painting (Lhadri)

Painting (Lhadri)

One of the vast and lasting impression created in the mind of every visitor to Bhutan is the variety and range of designs and colours mirrored everywhere. Every Bhutanese house is painted and decorated with significant designs and auspicious signs. In Bhutanese arts most of them represent religious aspects and image where some of them reflect their shades of life and people’s beliefs and ideas, feelings through colours.

Painting in ancient days were being practiced by monks in monasteries and designed Thankas and Kuthang. It is one of the old art that has passed from generation to generation, from master to devotee, from teacher to students. This trade is considered as religious and devoted painters are believed to accumulate merits and influence their karma. Painter in Bhutan paint scrolls of Kuthang and Thongdroel, Houses, auspicious signs and wooden table. Painting of saints, deities, Buddha  and religious masters can be seen and are mostly painted on canvas.

With institution of training institutes in Bhutan there are many painters graduated and working in both government and private. Now painters are taught designs in computer using AutoCAD and other design software too. The materials used by painter are being brought from market or can also use natural pigments that are found in the country. Natural soil pigments that are available in Bhutan are Black (Sa-Na), Red (Sa-tsag), and yellow (Sa-Ser) which comes from Gasa, Bumthang, Wamrong, Phuentsholing, Trashigang and Paro.

Trade Details:
This course is designed to prepare school leavers for work in the highly demanding field of painting works. The course provide competencies to enable trainees to develop, maintain and design. Program contains a detailed module given below.

  • Duration of Course:4 Years for Certificate and 6 Years Diploma course.
  • Entry Level: Class X Passed.
  • Recognition:Government of Bhutan and Private sectors recognize skills and knowledge gained through studies, training, workplace and life experience which may allow you to gain a better job and through our cultural programs you can get a good recognition in cultural activities and farming too.
  • Career: In Privates, Entrepreneur, Self Employment, Government Institutions.


Cost for the Course : Initial Fee of Nu. 750/- and you will be paid a monthly stipend of Nu. 1500/-