This is traditional method of sewing patterns and logos on cloth piece. This trade also enhances the quality and the look of the alter room products. The design and develop statues on a plain cloth piece with threads.

Trade Details:
This course is designed to prepare school leavers for work in the highly demanding field of Tailoring  works. The course provide competencies to enable trainees to develop, maintain and design/ program contains a detailed module given below.

Duration of Course:2 Years

  • Recognition:Government of Bhutan and Private sectors recognize skills and knowledge gained through studies, training, workplace and life experience which may allow you to gain a better job and through our cultural programs you can get a good recognition in cultural activities and farming too.
  • Career: In Privates, Entreprenuer, Self Employment, Government Institutions.


Cost for the Course :Initial Fee of Nu. 250/- and you will be paid a monthly stipend of Nu. 1500/-