Carving (Patra)

Carving (Patra)

Carving is an ancient traditional art & craft  that has been perfected by the Bhutanese that continues to play an important role in modern Bhutan. The major carvings are carried out on stone, wood and slate example the numerous prayer flags that flutter across the vast ridges of Bhutan are all printed from carved wooden blocks and the traditional designs crafted on these materials create some distinctive art works.

Patra (wood carving) is one of the thirteen traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan and it is usually carved on woods. Since Bhutan has been blessed with an abundant variety of wood, woodcarving is seen in a variety of forms the most carved products are like wooden mask of various religious significant and sizes, decoration of auspicious signs and special resemblance are found in monasteries, Dzongs, houses and special places in Bhutan. Beautifully cared pillar and beams, handle of knife, traditional musical instruments are some examples of woodcarving besides the many traditional motifs that are engraved on the Bhutanese houses and on Dzongs. Besides, a unique wood carving that draws attraction are the phalluses of various sizes and shapes that are hung on the four corners of the Bhutanese houses and stuck onto the main entrance of the door ways. These carved wooden phalluses are also displayed by the Acharyas– the clowns during the religious festivals as a sign to bless the spectators and drive away the evils and misfortunes.

Another important art that is being practiced is the art of slate carving here the master craftsman carves the images of local deities, God and Goddesses, scripts (Mantras) and also the other important significants images  onto large rocks or slates. While slate carving is not as diverse as stone and wood work. Yet slate works are fund mostly in religious places such as Dzongs, temples andChortens. The materials were usually found in abundance in Wangduephodrang and Pemagatshel Dzongkhags. Slate is called (Do-Nag)  besides the slate carving you may also see some other stone carved products such as large grinding stone mills turned by water; the smaller ones used by peasants at home; the hollowed-out stones for husking grain; troughs for feeding animals.

Trade Details:
This course is designed to prepare school leavers for work in the highly demanding field of Wood and Slate Carving works. The course provide competencies to enable trainees to develop, maintain and design/Program contains a detailed module given below.

  • Course Duration:2 – 4 Years
  • Entry Level: Class X Passed.
  • Recognition:Government of Bhutan, Public and Private sectors recognize skills and knowledge.
  • Career: In Privates, Entrepreneur, Self Employment, Government Institutions.
  • Award: Certificate/Diploma


Cost for the Course : Initial Fee of Nu. 750/- and you will be paid a monthly stipend of Nu. 1500/month